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Halloween 2008: Look! up in the sky! it’s…SUPERMAN!!

November 3rd, 2008 · by Cyndi · 1 Comment

This year, Miriam (age 3.5 years) wanted to be a superhero for Halloween.  Her first choice was Superman, and she was quite clear that she meant Superman, not Supergirl.  Being 3 though, she had a lot of back and forth.  At times Supergirl was okay and so were Spiderman, Batman, or anyone from the Justice League (her favorite is Hawkgirl).  In the end, she decided on being Superman (though she used both titles while trick-or-treating).

Being a green mom I’m opposed to 1) spending lots of money on something meant to be used once and 2) buying new plastic/vinyl.  Being someone with multiple chemical sensitivities though, I’m not able to just pop into Goodwill and look for used costumes.  I didn’t want to take the time to make something either.

I found a used Superman costume on Craigslist from someone who said there was no fabric softener.  I didn’t notice a scent on it when I bought it (but then I didn’t notice the rip in the seam either) but it came out after being washed.  Miriam said it itched and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.  But it turns out she was okay if she wore clothes underneath it (which was a good idea anyway because it was cold out).  I just washed my hands after every time I touched it and had her change immediately upon coming home.

Miriam & Michael fly off to Halloween storytime at the library

Miriam & Michael fly off to Halloween storytime at the library

Last year, her first time trick-or-treating, we found exactly one item in her bag that she wasn’t overtly allergic to and let her eat it.  She bounced off the walls for a while then gladly agreed to trade in the rest for daddy to take to work and she got to pick out a toy from a local store.

This year they went trick or treating in a more popular area so the treats were smaller.  This meant far less chocolate, her biggest allergen.  About 2/3 of the candy was chocolate, orange, or something else she reacted to (like the treat from last year, which has dairy) and it went into daddy’s bag (traces of dairy or gluten aren’t problems for her and she can eat each of those as treats once in a while, but egg, chocolate, and orange are not okay ever).

I snagged the one good thing in what was left for myself (peanut butter taffy, yum!) and she had a taste of it.  Then she got to pick one candy for herself with the caveat that we didn’t know what might have orange so she was taking a risk that she might pee her pants.  She had a sour cherry lollipop (the round junky kind with a chewy center, which made for some amusing expressions as she’s had almost no candy in her life…she now says she wants to give away all the chewy candy).  She did some bouncing around and we explained that it was the sugar (actually, it was probably mostly the artificial crap).

She is keeping crayons and a tiny joke/coloring book she received. We did take away a smartie necklace she was wearing because it was orange colored and smelled like orange.  She willingly gave it up when I told her that.  We went and washed hands and neck but she’d been wearing it for a while and did end up having to pee in the middle of the night, though no accidents.

The deal is, and she’s totally cool with it, is that she will get a toy (she was okay with my picking one out and not telling her in advance…anyone know a cheap source of a real working stethoscope?  I’ve been wanting an excuse to get her one for ages) in exchange for the candy in daddy’s bag.  As for the rest of the candy, she can keep it or exchange it for the Yummy Earth lollipops I bought her (two flavors I know are orange/grapefruit/tangerine-free…I can’t buy from the bulk bin, only separately wrapped bags of single flavors) or for another toy.  So far, she’s opted to have a Yummy Earth treat each night.

I am really happy that we could encourage her to trick-or-treat with abandon and not worry about what she was getting.  That would ruin the fun.  She still gets her treats (edible and otherwise) and she had a blast Halloween night despite the drizzle.

I stayed home…I can’t risk the cigarettes and pesticides I’m sure to encounter.  And I already had a headache.  Maybe next year I’ll go with my gas mask on and let people decide if it’s a costume.  I hate missing so much of the fun stuff in her life, but I’m grateful that, so far, she’s able to participate in them herself.

Halloween day, Michael’s office had a Survivor (TV show) dress-up theme, complete with an eat-gross-things contest.  His special treat was deep-fried crickets (“but, Cyndi, they’re not traife”).  Oh, and a big bag of chocolate.

Miriam & Michael prepare to go trick-or-treating

Miriam & Michael prepare to go trick-or-treating


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  • 1 Maggie // Nov 3, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    There are stethoscopes on eBay – if you can’t find what you want on the US one, try the UK one – expect the postage would be more, but the prices look cheaper to me but am not sure of the exchange rate at the mo so could be wrong.

    Love your Superman girl! 🙂

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