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Strawberry Ice Cream

February 14th, 2008 · by Cyndi · 1 Comment

Who says you need dairy or sugar to enjoy ice cream? Though I make lots of sorbets and ice milks, this one is full cream.


3 cups pureed strawberries
1 can coconut milk (lite works better but regular is fine)
A couple tsps vanilla extract
Squeeze of fresh lemon
Pinch salt
Stevia to taste

If you have an ice cream maker, put all of the above into a blender, blend until smooth. If you prefer chunks of fruit then put everything except for some of the strawberries into the blender, blend until smooth, then add the rest of the strawberries and pulse until it’s how you like it. Stick it all in an ice cream maker and run it per the directions for your machine.

This recipe is fabulous with fresh strawberries, but frozen is good too (you can freeze the puree with or without the flavorings; then defrost for the ice cream maker and avoid cleaning the blender…I suggest measuring the puree into well marked jars or zipper bags before freezing).

If you don’t have an ice cream maker (or if yours is broken, like mine is), you can still make this, just change the technique a bit. For the strawberries, use individually frozen ones (we make big bagfuls every summer). Put the rest of the ingredients in to the blender until very smooth. Add a few berries and blend on low until the noise dies down (note: you need a blender that can handle ice cubes) then on high until smooth. Repeat a couple times until the mixture start to thicken up.

After a while, it will be as thick as ice cream. My example below is thinner than I like it, but I was being lazy. If you use stevia instead of sugar or a similar sweetener, any leftovers will freeze very hard. Leave lots of extra time to partially defrost it before serving.

Strawberry Ice Cream


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