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Poetry: Suddenly Fall

October 5th, 2009 · by Cyndi · 1 Comment

I’ve written poetry since I was small, then heavily in my teens and twenties, including many public readings.  But after some experiences 15 years ago, for some reason, I put down my poetry pen and mostly wrote essay-style works.

Yesterday morning I woke with a poem on the brain.  And wanted to share it.

Suddenly Fall

The signs are small
In the land of sun.
Morning’s chill wind,
Fog’s shattered tears,
The angle of shadows.

Here, from my window
That does not open,
I see only the sun
Rising and setting.
As if the universe goes on.

Inside this room
My body heals
And my mind stalks my soul
Demanding why? why? why?

Ripped from me too soon
Was the sun.
Placed into a world of air
Where he flickered and dimmed
Unable to accept the wind.

Yet outside the seasons turned
Without my knowing.
Till finally I walked outside
Into the cold slap of Fall.

(For my son William, born September 28, 2009 by emergency c-section, and died a few hours later due to under-development of the lungs.)


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